2x4 Ft (1" Thickness) Acoustic Panels

Our 2x4 ft (1 inch thick) Acoustic Panels–Available in both standard and premium fabric finish

The new Ultacoustic design uses two integrated frames that give our panels straight smooth edges with a frame on the top of the panel that only covers a small portion of the top of the panel.

The sides of our panels are still free to absorb sound. Also the new double integrated frame design doesn’t require corner pieces so the corners now absorb sound as well as all surfaces of the panel.

We have improved the look of our panels and increased the surface area sound absorption of our panels by about 20%.

The new Ultacoustic design has about 40% better sound absorption than traditional solid frame constructed Bass Trap Acoustic Panels because of the minimal use of framing material placed and integrated to reflect the minimum amount of sound.