WE HAVE A ONE-YEAR WARRANTY on any manufacturing defects and we either fix or replace it.

YES, WE HAVE FULL INSURANCE from production to installation services we are covered

WE CHARGE $120 PER HOUR for our team of two with a 3-hour minimum. ($360 minimum charge per installation).

We don't normally charge for travel time on installations.

For just delivery services we charge per job, pricing starts at $99.

WE PROVIDE DESIGN SERVICES and our consultation fees are $145. This fee is applied to any purchase subsequently made.

NO, OUR PANELS DO NOT OUT-GAS, we choose our product materials to avoid any toxic off-gassing into environment

NO, WE AVOID THE USE OF TOXIC MATERIALS. We don’t use any glues or materials in our panels that would be toxic. 

OUR MOST COMMON SIZE IS 2X4 FT. Our panels come in thicknesses (in inches) of 1, 2, 3, 4 6, 8, 9.

YES, WE MAKE CUSTOM PANELS. We do any number of custom sizes up to 4x8. We also do custom image printing as well.