Services and Technology


The new UltacousticTM (patent pending) Bass Trap Acoustic Panels are here!

Ultacoustic stands for Ultimate Acoustic. We have changed the way our panels are designed and have improved the surface area sound absorption of our panels by about 20%.

How does that work?

The new Ultacoustic design uses two integrated frames that give our panels straight smooth edges with a frame on the top of the panel that only covers a small portion of the top of the panel.
This leaves the sides of our panels free to absorb sound. Also the new double integrated frame design doesn't require corner pieces so the corners now absorb sound as well as all surfaces of the panel. We have improved the look of our panels and increased the surface area sound absorption of our panels by about 20%.
The new Ultacoustic design has about 40% better sound absorption than traditional solid frame constructed Bass Trap Acoustic Panels because of the minimal use of framing material placed and integrated to reflect the minimum amount of sound.


Manufacturing: Every process of our panels is completed in house. From the hand selection of our raw materials to the building of our frames, the utmost care and consistency goes into every single product that leaves our manufacturing facility.

Installations: We have and can install your panels where you live and/or work. We service the Greater Los Angeles area and surrounding counties and cities as well as Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego and anywhere in between.

Custom Panels: We can build just about any custom size panel. Call or email us for a quote on custom panels.

Delivery: We personally deliver with one of our vehicles to your location within the Greater Los Angeles Area. We also have Fedex shipping which is already integrated into our site so you can get real time prices on shipping.

Shipping Long Distance: Anywhere Fedex reaches we can get your panels over to you. Made in the U.S. using local suppliers.

Consultation Services: We can help you understand and design your needs. We charge $145 for our consultation services. And, if you decide to buy, then that fee is applied to your sale–making this an essentially free consultation with purchase.