Bass Trap Stand


These Bass Trap Stands are designed for 4″ Thick Bass Traps. Each stand allows a Bass Trap to reach a maximum height of 7′ 2″. They use 1.5″ thick by 3/4″ thick Oak wood coated with 2 coatings of clear polyurethane. Two brackets fit right into the backs of the bass traps (In between the frame) and allow the legs to slide up and down independently with just the quick turn of 8 wing nuts. These stands are beautiful, nonobstructive, strong, and very versatile. They even allow level placement of the Bass Traps on uneven surfaces. Bass Trap Stands are great for many applications. Whether it be a vocal booth in the middle of a room, surrounding a guitar amplifier and mic for recording in rooms, surrounding a drum set, using the Bass Traps for adjustable acoustics of rooms, or just simply to allow placement of the Bass Traps where you can’t make holes in the walls.