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Acoustic Services

* Manufacturing: Every process of our panels is in house from the selection of raw materials, the building of our frames to the hand selection of our materials, and the utmost care and consistency of every single product to leave our manufacturing facility.

* Installations: We have and can install your Panels where you live. We service the Greater Los Angeles area and surrounding counties and cities as well as Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego and anywhere in between.

* Custom Panels: We can build just about any custom size panel. Call or email us for a quote on custom panels.

* Delivery: We personally deliver with one of our vehicles to your location within the Greater Los Angeles Area. We also have Fedex shipping which is already integrated into our site so you can get real time prices on shipping.

* Shipping Long Distance: Anywhere Fedex reaches we can get your panels over to you.

* Made in the U.S. using local suppliers.


"Thanks again for all your hard work and expertise in acoustics. The room sounds incredible!! I am very pleased."

Matt Lands - Ceo of IndaMix Productions Inc.

"John is as professional as it gets! Starting from the consulting process all the way to the very last hole drilled, he does perfect, clean, and quick work. The difference in sound is night and day. His panels and bass traps not only make your room sound better, but they also make it look better. I was able to custom pick every color and size from a wide range of selections but still stay on budget. I would highly recommend him for any project, big or small."

Haim Mazar - Hollywood-based film composer
"On The Outside" Starring Nick Stahl and Olivia Wilde. "Teen Mom" a hit reality show on MTV, and the biopic thriller "The Ice Man" starring Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, James Franco…

"The first thing they teach you is to have the best sound environment or else you will be mixing in circles. John built custom panels that fit my room perfectly, and now I can hear a big difference in my mixes. They translate well to cars, ipods, soundsystems etc. Getting your room treated should be your number 1 priority if you take your music seriously"

Tarek Nazr - Electronic/Dance Music Artist, Producer, Writer